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General information about GOES Eye Centre

The Goes Eye Centre specializes in laser treatments to see properly without glasses and/or contact lenses. Eyelid surgery is another subspecialty to which we dedicate ourselves. Obviously our team is equipped to treat general eye diseases as well with up to date knowledge and in an adequate manner.

Our Centre was founded in 1965, nearly 50 years ago now. Over the years, the medical staff has grown, thus forming a group practice. We are a group of seven ophthalmologists, 1 orthoptist, several technical assistants, secretaries and a complete surgical team including an anaesthesiologist.
Every ophthalmologist is also trained in a sub-specialty of ophthalmology.

Laser surgery and eye surgery are the most important part of our activity. Both of them are performed by Dr.Goes Jr.

For our surgical activities, we are working in a fully privatized and modernly equipped operating room, for years, where only eye surgery takes place. This operating room was completely modernised in 2011. A sterile treatment environment is always guaranteed. No concessions are made regarding quality and sterility.

A dedicated team of eye specialists is at your service

Dr Frank Goes

Dr. Frank Goes JR

Chief responsible & eye surgeon
Dr Ann Hoste

Dr. A. Hoste

Eye doctor
dr l stels

Dr. L. Sels

Eye doctor

Dr. W. Craninckx

Hanne De Laedt

Mss. H. De Laet

Alex Hanssens

Mr. A. Hanssens

Ann Pyck

Mss. A. Pyck

Contact lens specialist
Hilde Pittillion

Mss. H. Pittillion

Management Assistant
Nancy Kiebooms

Mss. N. Kiebooms

Technical assistant
Foto Hilde Janssens

Mss. H. Janssen