Get to our clinic on foot or by Bike | Goes Eye Centre Antwerp

On foot & by bike

On foot & bike

The Goes Eye Clinic can easily be reached by bike. 

If you are coming from Antwerp’s city centre, you can take the Sint-Anna tunnel to go from the right bank to the left bank. When exiting the tunnel, bike past the Frederik Van Eeden square until you reach the intersection with the Blancefloerlaan. Turn right onto the Halewijnlaan. Bike past the intersection with the Costerlaan and turn left onto the next street. 

The Eye Clinic is close to fietsknooppunt or bike stand number 27 of the bike stand network (fietsknooppuntnetwerk). You can look up the exact location of this bike stand on the website of Fietsnet

Slimweg! There is a bike waiting for you at the train station, 24/7. Get a membership and get on your bike! It is only 10 euro a year, while each rental is 3 euro. For more information you can visit the website of Blue Bike.


2050 Antwerpen (Left bank)
n° 6 (Consultation)
n° 10 (Surgery)