Train route to Goes Eye Centre in Antwerp | Goes eye centre

Train route

Train Route

Antwerpen-CentraalFrequentieGem. Reistijd
vanuit Brugge
vanuit Brugge (overstap Gent-Sint-Pieters)
1 per uur
1 per uur
1 u. 25 min
1 u. 30 min
vanuit Brussel-Centraal6 per uur50 min
vanuit Gent-Sint-Pieters3 per uur55 min
vanuit Hasselt1 per uur1 u. 10 min
vanuit Leuven
vanuit Leuven (overstap Mechelen of Aarschot)
2 per uur
3 per uur
55 min
55 min

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By bike from the Antwerp-Central station?

The station is approximately 3,5 kilometers from the eye clinic. You can view the bike plan here.

Do you prefer to take public transport from Antwerp-Central?

You can walk from the station to the Rooseveltplaats (walking plan). Take bus number 36 towards Linkeroever at bus station Rooseveltplaats. Get off after approximately ten minutes at busstop Antwerpen Vuylstekelaan.

Another option is taking the tram towards the Eye Clinic. From the train station you can take tram number 3,5,9 or 15 towards Linkeroever/Zwijndrecht. Tram stops for number 9 and 15 are located within the train station at stop Diamant. You can take tram number 3 and 5 at tram stop Astrid at the Astrid square. Get off after ten minutes at tram stop Halewijnlaan.


2050 Antwerpen (Left bank)
n° 6 (Consultation)
n° 10 (Surgery)