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Seeing without spectacles

SMILE Laser Surgery

Quality of life….nuisance during sporting activities….hinder from wearing glasses….contact lens irritation…

Every year, more and more people choose to have laser treatment to improve their quality of life, by getting rid of glasses or contact lenses. The SMILE procedure differs immensely from a Femtolasik treatment. This proven Femtosecond technology by Carl Zeiss uses the latest scientific technologies in the history of eye laser surgery.

SMILE, an ingenious and soft treatment

  • In the past there was ‘PRK’: no flap, yet a lot of pain and slow recovery.
  • After that came ‘Lasik’: with flap, no pain, quick recovery. Yet mechanical and with a surgical blade.
  • The next step was ‘FEMTOLASIK’: again with flap, no pain, quick recovery and performed by a computer operated laser, therefore not mechanical. Yet still with a flap.
  • The last step is the ‘SMILE’ –technique by Carl Zeiss Meditec : no flap, no pain, quick recovery, and fully computer operated by the femtosecond laser.

‘Smile’ is short for ‘Small Incision Lenticular Extraction’. This new technique, that is only possible with the Visumax femotsecond laser by Carl Zeiss, is the least invasive therapy possible these days. The disadvantages of the older treatments have disappeared and the advantages have remained. The fact that we now finally do not have to make a flap, lowers the chances of dry eyes drastically and improves the stability of the cornea extremely.

Eye laser: SMILE

€ 2250 / eye

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What is a femtosecond laser?

These ultrashort pulses of laser light are used to make very small and therefore safe incisions into the cornea. Every laser pulse creates a microscopically small gas bubble. Together, millions of these tiny gas bubbles are capable of creating an incredibly precise operating surface in the cornea.

The less energy is needed, the smaller the gas bubble and the more precise the surface will be.  

SMILE: The difference in comparison to femtolasik

In ‘SMILE’ a lenticule is prepared in the intact cornea with a femtosecond laser. This is the actual treatment. Everything takes place in a closed environment. This ‘lenticule’ is removed through a very small opening.

All this, without a flap, no pain and a quick recovery. With one single system : the Visumax femtosecond laser.

With femtolasik, however a flap is made, and only afterwards treatment can take place. With a flap. In an open environment, situated on the surface.

The big advantage of Smile is the fact that the treatment takes place without a flap.

  • No chance of the flap moving or folding.
  • Much less chance of developing dry eyes
  • Much better for the long term stability of the cornea

The treatment takes place in a closed environment. Unaffected by outside temperature, humidity, draft, etc. This increases the accuracy.

Why is SMILE so soft for my eyes?

The opening needed to extract the lenticule is smaller than the previous and older methods, therefore the structure of the cornea remains more intact. The contact glass through which the laser beams pass, adapt to the curve of the cornea, making this procedure painless.

How much experience do we have with SMILE?

Carl Zeiss has been actively developing eye laser techniques for more than 20 years. They were the first to develop a spot scanner in 1997, the first with Topographic (1998)- and wavefront (2000) – led treatments. The ‘SMILE’ treatment is a direct result of the sophisticated Carl Zeiss Visumax laser. The technique is based on the femtosecond technology that has been used for years and has proven its efficiency millions of times. The Goes EyeCentre was the first centre in the Benelux to apply this technique. By 2020, more than 1.000.000 SMILE surgeries have been performed worldwide.

Wich optical errors can be treated with SMILE?

Until recently the technique has been used only for myopia and astigmatism. Studies to use this technique for farsightedness are underway. This comfortable treatment is possible thanks to the high technological optics by Carl Zeiss.

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